Business Summary

We create innovative next generation tools and methods for efficient analysis, validation and verification through stimulus of internal and external interfaces. The platform is applicable in most industries, e.g. automotive, telecom, fintech, healthcare and IoT. We are aiming to maximize quality at a minimum cost.


As software and hardware has increased in size and complexity over the past decade, the need for efficient analysis, verification and validation have emerged as a large and very important part of the development process to reach time to market.


Our solution combines known best practices, test techniques, our own experience and new innovative ideas into a platform optimized for an agile process. The user actions are minimized and the platform handles everything else needed. The platform visualizes dependencies/metrics/requirements and more. It provides instant user feedback from all events. Metrics and measurements of everything to inform on progress. All of this and more is used to get control over quality.


The current tools miss out on the entierty and only handles a few of the stages in the development process, preventing an agile way of working. Our platform optimizes on several parameters and incorporate all stages of the agile development process. This result in maximized gain for the development teams. Examples of such parameters are useability, feedback time, resource usage and more.